Today, it’s a nod to my hometown.

When my longtime friends, Carrie and Colin McGranahan, threw out an offer to do a location photo shoot at their rental house at 504 East St. Julian Street, I didn’t skip a beat.

A week later Chia Chong met me to take pics for a blog re-design I’m working on.  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon at all.

The house is stunning.
(All photos of the house provided by Carrie and Colin)

Tucked into a corner on a tree-lined street downtown, the location is as good as it gets. You are close enough to walk everywhere, but just far enough out from the central hub to get some quiet when you need it.  

The house is a piece of Savannah’s history, built in 1842, but has been brought up to speed with all of the modern, custom amenities you and 7 of your best buddies or family members could ever want.

Shiny pine floors, flat-screen TV’s, mahogany four-poster beds, lux linens and a kitchen stocked full of snacks, coffee and wine. There is also a private courtyard, garage for parking and an additional 1-bedroom rental apartment below that can handle more guests.

And yes, you — my New York, Boston and D.C. friends –Savannah is a just a direct flight away.

*Loads more rental info on the main house here and the apartment here.

Another website I love for super cool, kid-friendly home vacation rentals around the world is Kid & Coe.


Check out Chia Chong’s website here.

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